MUSIC INTERVIEW: New Penzi Amani Song “Milele Daima”

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Penzi Amani, a diaspora based gospel artist from Kenya is spreading the gospel through music laced with blessings and positivity, pushing her own brand of music into the masses. Early this year, she made major waves with her single ‘Yahweh‘, as well as providing backup vocals for David Keen in ‘Umenipa“.

Since her arrival on the scene, she has caught the eye of quite a number of producers and fans. Her music is full which makes her a force to be reckoned with.

I caught up with Penzi Amani before she embarks on the official release of her song to talk about her, her music and what she has in store for us in future days.

It’s safe to say that I love her.

Penzi Amani


Q: So, for those out there who might not be familiar with your name, tell me a little bit about yourself

A: First off, the Lord is my savior and I love God and through the talent he has given me my desire has always been to share my experience of Him to the world so everybody understands how beautiful he is.

I am an African girl from Kenya but living in the USA for now as I pursue my career as well as my music.

Q: Let’s talk about your new song  ‘milele daima’, can you give us any details about that?

Milele Daima is a love song to God that I wrote. I was just having a moment with Him and I thought, its one thing to be loved by Him but how often do we respond with kind words. I wanted to serenade Him. So it came into being, me loving Him.

Q: Will there be a video though or is the song just something for the fans to listen to?

A: Yes the video’s official launch is on 09/19/14. Check it here


Q: So have you ever thought about doing maybe a collabo or EP?

A: I have toyed with the idea, definitely something I foresee happening but i am giving myself time to grow in the industry.

Q: And what is one artist right now that you would like to work with?

A: Many artists, I would especially love to do something with Christina Shusho, she is anointed and one of the most iconic women for me. She is a unique artist of our time and so genuine. I can relate to her; she’s someone that I literally love. Her music is real, it speaks of real life situations. I can apply her music to myself not to mention the beautiful melodies she makes.

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Q: That is awesome, hope she gets to see this and reaches out too. Now transitioning a little bit to a different topic. Has the Kenyan (and African) diaspora appreciated the local artist based here such as yourself?

A: I believe so. I have gotten great responses from them. I do however believe that we the artists need to allow ourselves to grow in excellence and just be authentic Individuals. I have learned that diaspora audience craves “home”. If we minister to them and present ourselves as simply Africans they will definitely receive us.

Q: What inspires you the most when preparing to write a song?

A: Life. Most of my music is inspired by what I am going through/thinking about. That coupled with what God is saying to me about it is how I write my music. It might be a personal experience or a friend’s experience, or just something going on around me as I observe.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add for your fans out there?

I love you, I am honored to be the vessel that brings the message of hope. “For God so loved the World that He gave…” Himself, His love, His Kingship. There is so much love in Him we would never know what to do with and He desires a relationship with you and me.


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